At AER Technologies our staff is focused on supporting our members within a positive workplace culture. Each employee is dedicated to high-level professionalism as part of a family-friendly style of business.

Today we’re featuring Danielle Murillo, AER’s Accounts Payable/Payroll Representative. We asked her some questions about her role at AER and life outside of work.


1. What is your role at AER Technologies?

Accounts Payable/Payroll Representative


2. How did you get started in this field?

I started in Logins and six months later I was promoted to Customer Service. After a year, I was moved to Human Resources. The majority of my career has been within HR, assisting the management of 300+ employees, but now I work directly with AER’s CFO, Ingrid Frakes doing Accounts Payable. 


3. How long have you been with the company?

I’ve worked for AER for 17 years along with my mom and my husband. When I was younger, my mom was already working with the company and would bring me to all of the office parties, barbecues, and hangouts. Once I turned 18, I became a full-time employee for a company that has always felt like family.


4. What do you like most about your job? What is it like working at AER?

I have a knack for budgeting and love the satisfaction of paying bills - even in my personal life. I love getting to interact with my coworkers and having the flexibility to work from home. 

Working at AER is truly a wonderful experience. Everyone knows each other on a personal level - we really are just like one big family, both in and out of the office! I am really excited about the company's transition to using ACH versus traditionally cutting checks manually. It saves so much time and adds to our paperless transition. 


5. What is your favorite hobby outside the company?

Outside of work, my family and I love to take our dog for walks and go to amusement parks. One year, we had annual passes for almost every Southern California theme park! When we aren’t riding rollercoasters, we like to spend as much time as we can hanging out with our families.


6. What is your favorite memory of working for AER?

My favorite memory of working for AER has to be the company picnics and birthday celebrations the office puts together. I look forward to every birthday celebration and over time have become the office’s “designated desk decorator” - it really is a special treat! I still remember attending employee get-togethers as a child when my mom would bring me. The water balloon fights and potato sack races were something I always looked forward to.


7. How has your career grown since working for AER?

I’ve learned so much throughout my career with AER. I started in Logins, Customer Service, and HR before I transitioned to my current position. I learned from my peers and managers along the way and am very thankful to AER for allowing me to be more and grow as much as I have within the company. I love the role I am in and appreciate the opportunities I have here. Ingrid has taken me under her wing and I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor. 


8. What are you most looking forward to in the future of AER?

I love the fact that we are going fully electronic. Prior to the pandemic, my role and many others were forced to transition to a work-from-home setting. It was challenging at first because like many other companies, we weren’t prepared for something like this. I’m looking forward to the continuation of our digital transformation as we expand toward automation and go paperless.


AER provides each member of our team with the tools and opportunities needed to flourish. Our family-owned organization is focused on helping our staff succeed on a professional and personal level. We believe that happy employees are the main ingredient for company-wide success.

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