AER Technologies values our employees as trusted professionals and experts in their respective fields. As a leader in electronic remanufacturing—we equip our employees with the tools and resources needed to become industry experts. Our work environment is prided upon a commitment to learning, career mobility, and ongoing personal development.

We’re dedicated to creating a team environment predicated on winning, innovation, and goal orientation. At AER Technologies, the individuality and support of our staff is of the highest priority. Each of our team members is considered an integral part of our family owned and operated business.

Today we’ll be featuring our employee spotlight on Donnell Montgomery, Product Engineer. We asked him a few questions about his career with AER and personal life.


1. What is your role at AER Technologies?

As a Product Engineer with AER Technologies, I wear several hats including managing production staff, assisting with new projects, allocating job resources, interviewing, cross training in different departments, and managing IT support. Our main core team consists of 15 people with oversights of 53 people in production. I’m the go-to person for the engineering team.


2.How did you get started in this field?

I began working for AER before the age of 21 upon completion of school. My previous experience includes working for the City of Buena Park, Target, and Hilton hotels. Although I originally sought out a career in law enforcement, I started working with AER in the customer service field before segwaying my position into engineering, management and other fields.


3.How long have you been with the company?

I started with AER about 16 years ago in the customer service department. After about a year into my tenure, I began cross training in the technical department implementing new processes related to customer service and IT support. A few years later I moved into the role of Production Department Manager and held other positions along the way including: Supervisor, Production Manager, Building Maintenance Supervisor, and Janitorial Manager. Eventually, I transitioned into my current role of Product Engineer to help broaden my knowledge of technical expertise. 


4. What is your favorite hobby outside of the office?

I like to lead a pretty well-rounded lifestyle and particularly enjoy outdoor activities. My favorite pastimes include hiking, riding bikes, recreational shooting, kayaking, and cooking and smoking various cuts of meat. I also enjoy going to Knott’s Berry Farm and Soak City with my wife and two daughters. When I’m at home you can usually find me playing by the pool or simply spending quality time with my family.


5.What is your favorite part about working for AER?

The best part about working for AER is the family oriented atmosphere. We’re one big happy family that enjoys spending time with one another. I also enjoy the departmental organization and our smooth running business operations. AER is never afraid to try something new with our innovative and like-minded staff. As a family-owned business, they support the personal and professional development of their employees which is something money can’t buy.


6. What is the most memorable project/job you’ve worked on for AER?

Although I’ve worked on a number of projects over the years, the one that stands out most is the Christie Digital project. The program originally began as a one-time fix of a single screen, but eventually blossomed into a large-scale project that encompassed creating an entire production line. I also enjoyed the people aspect of the project, meeting the various members of their staff, and setting goals together. 

The Navistar project that consisted of us partnering with international truck manufacturing partners was also a passion of mine as we helped them implement a “cradle to grave” program focusing on global sustainability and reduction of service part costs. Each and every project I work on is something that I feel passionately about so I always give it my utmost effort.


AER believes that investing in each and every member of our team is vital to the success of the organization and the employees themselves. As a family owned and operated business our greatest success is seeing the professional development and personal growth of our employees and staff—because people will always be our greatest asset.


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