AER Technologies recognizes that employees are central to our growth and overall success.

Our leaders strive to create a respectful and harmonious working environment where all employees and staff feel welcomed, valued, and treated fairly.

Today we’re featuring Joey Rocha, Janitor & Maintenance Specialist. We asked him some questions about his role at AER and life outside of work.


1. What is your role at AER Technologies?

As a Janitor and Maintenance Specialist with AER, I consider myself to be a “jack of all trades,” making sure that the office is presentable in appearance, clean, and sanitary for all to use. From an early age, I learned through my father’s work as a landscaper, what the cleanliness and overall appearance of a workplace can create for the company. I take pride in the work that I do and consider it to be my contribution to the ins and outs of daily operations here. 


2. What do you like most about your job? What is it like working at AER?

I love being a part of the AER family. It’s not easy being “the new guy” within such a big company, but everyone has always been very welcoming and inviting. 


Perfection is something I strive for in everything that I do, but mistakes can happen. I try to learn from those mistakes and grow from them each and every day. On my first day with AER one year ago, Donnell gave me a notebook. Every morning when I get into the office, I write down my goals and expectations for the day. I try to include short inspirational quotes at the top of the page to motivate me. I recently wrote, “To become a better worker than I was yesterday”.


3. What is your favorite hobby outside the company?

I am my son’s jujitsu mentor, which takes a lot of patience. I want to be able to be a leader in all aspects of my life; from my professional life to my personal life. I cherish my 2007 Chevy Malibu that I’ve completely restored. My desire is to take care of AER and the people around me. 


4. What is your favorite memory of working for AER?

My favorite memories with AER consist of the celebrations held here. From annual banquets, birthday parties, and barbeques to potluck lunches at the office, I love being a part of the festivities that the company puts together. It’s a great time for everyone to reflect on the hard work they are doing and celebrate our collective accomplishments. It always makes me feel like we are one big family, coming together and enjoying each other's company.


5. What are you most looking forward to in the future of AER?

As much as the company is progressing and growing quickly, I hope to grow within my role with AER as well. I aspire to become a mentor to my peers professionally in the same way that I try to do in my personal life. “Thank you AER!”


AER provides each member of our team with the tools and opportunities needed to flourish. Our family-owned organization is focused on helping our staff succeed on a professional and personal level. We believe that happy employees are the main ingredient for company-wide success.

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