AER Technologies believes employees are our most valuable asset. Our leaders provide each of our employees with the guidance and tools necessary for success. We focus on creating a work environment centered around continuous learning, career advancement, and work/life balance.

At AER Technologies our staff is focused on supporting our members within a positive workplace culture. Each employee is dedicated to high-level professionalism as part of a family-friendly style of business.

Today we’re featuring Pearl Liang, Document Control Specialist. We asked her some questions about her role at AER and life outside of work.


1. What is your role at AER Technologies?

As a Document Control Specialist, I perform a number of duties including support of ISO certifications and ensuring documents adhere to appropriate policies and guidelines. My other tasks include creating process flows, filling out various types of administrative forms in Productions, Administration, etc., and conducting facility inspections on a monthly basis. I also create standardized templates for various types of documents and assist with health and safety documentation as needed. Another aspect of my position involves implementing quality control and ensuring each individual follows applicable policies and guidelines. Lastly, I make sure documentation and record keeping follows consistent and reliable formatting.


2.How did you get started in this field?

Although I have experience in the fields of computer science and Internet ecosystem, I was previously a QMS Coordinator with another company that utilized integrated management systems of ISO 9001/14001, & OHSAS 18001 (the latter is now ISO 45001.) As the coordinator of the department I was tasked with adhering to ISO/IATF guidelines and provided internal auditor training. I’ve also completed Microsoft Sharepoint skill set training for owners/administrators.


3.How long have you been with the company?

I began my tenure with AER two years ago just prior to the pandemic in November 2019. Throughout my time, I’ve implemented a number of changes company-wide, and focused on creating positive workflow initiatives. AER had previously adopted Sharepoint shortly before I joined the team so I effectively was able to utilize my technical expertise of the software.


4. What do you like most about your job?

The most enjoyable aspect of working for AER is being part of a supportive and goal oriented team environment. AER provides opportunities for growth in the fields of OEM and remanufacturing services, and ISO audits. I’ve been able to expand my knowledge base and industry expertise through numerous trainings and on-the-job experiences. I’m also provided with the flexibility to work from home as needed.


5. What is the most memorable project/job you’ve worked on for AER?

I’m happy to say I’ve been a part of a number of projects/jobs at AER, but the one I’m most proud of is creating QMS documents. I’ve been able to effectively implement efficient processes geared towards consistent form use in production lines. I’m proud to actively see my contributions in both Quality and H&S implemented throughout the company.


6. How has your career grown since working for the company?

I’ve been able to take advantage of various opportunities within the company related to remanufacturing and H&S.  I’ve also been given additional assignments that required training and industry specific knowledge which I’ve taken full advantage of. As a result, I’ve been provided with opportunities to expand my knowledge base and expertise within the industry. I’ve been able to learn about AER’s customer requirements while gaining valuable expertise and insight.


7.What is your favorite hobby outside the office?

I lead a fulfilling life outside of the office doing a number of different activities including reading fiction books, cooking healthy dishes, performing a number of arts/crafts, and going to museums. I also enjoy traveling to new places and would love to resume volunteering to read stories to children at the Los Angeles Library.


AER provides each member of our team with the tools and opportunities needed to flourish. Our family owned organization is focused on helping our staff succeed on a professional and personal level. We believe that happy employees are the main ingredient for company wide success.


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