AER Technologies believes employees are our most valuable asset. Our leaders provide each of our employees with the guidance and tools necessary for success. We focus on creating a work environment centered around continuous learning, career advancement, and work/life balance.

At AER Technologies our staff is focused on supporting our members within a positive workplace culture. Each employee is dedicated to high-level professionalism as part of a family-friendly style of business.

Today we’re featuring Steven Hayes, Inventory Control Specialist as this quarter's Employee Spotlight. We asked him some questions about his time at AER, as well as life outside of work.


1.What is your role at AER Technologies?
"I am an Inventory Control Specialist- A Ford Contract Specialist particularly. The main responsibility I have is to make sure that orders get filled and get sent out the same day."
2. How long have you been with the company?
"It will be four years on November 11th!"
3. How has your career grown since working for the company?
"I just made my way up the ladder- I started in receiving and worked my way, step by step, up to Inventory Control Specialist."
4. What is your favorite part of your job?
"The people here! Everyone is really nice so it’s super cool to just come in and have a good time with them. I would definitely say that's a highlight for me."
5. What has been your biggest accomplishment since starting here?
"Just being able to work my way up through the ranks and progress within the company. When I first started as an Inventory Control Specialist, I had to deal with emails and a lot of things on the computer and I hadn’t had much experience with computers until this position. So, I think just getting more comfortable with the technological aspect of this role is something I’m really proud of."
6. How do you like to spend your time outside of work?
"I really like to just hangout with my girlfriend and find new places to eat, watch sports, hangout with my family, and play with my dogs!"


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