AER CFO, Ingrid Frakes Joins New MERA Group which Embraces Diversity and Inclusion

MERA - The Association for Sustainable Manufacturing announced the formation of the Women in Remanufacturing Network. This new group aims to provide a community where women from diverse roles within the remanufacturing sector can come together to connect, inspire, guide and support one another. AER's Chief Financial Officer, Ingrid Frakes is one of MERA's newest members. 

“The Women in Remanufacturing Network includes women from different job roles, spanning all stages of the career path, from small to large organizations,” said Cheryl Dry, senior manager of programs & member services at MERA. “What we all have in common is that we are women who work in a largely male-dominated industry, so having a network to connect and develop relationships is very valuable.”

Launched in August during the week of the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, the group meets regularly to share best practices and resources, discuss topics of mutual interest, and hear from special guest presenters. Most recently, Julie Martin, former global vice president of sales at Hella, shared the story of her successful and inventive career, which included pioneering a contemporary job-sharing program and forming a women’s diversity group.

As CFO at AER, Ingrid possesses broad expertise in Financial Management, Strategic Planning, Operations, Change Management, and Personnel Development. Prior to joining AER in 1999, Ingrid served as the Regional Controller at Acosta, a multi-million dollar sales and marketing organization. Prior to that, she developed her forensic accounting expertise as a Manager at Simpson & Company, a litigation consulting firm. With integrity, intensity, and dedication, she has consistently exceeded AER’s stringent sustainability and continuous growth requirements.

Joining MERA has allowed Ingrid to connect with new people within the remanufacturing industry alongside to female OEM's AER has existing relationships with. "It's enlightening to hear the challenges that women face who are functioning in a male-dominated industry," said Frakes. "I really like the feedback and different perspectives these female members are able to share about business topics in this industry."

AER has been a proud member of MERA for several years and is thrilled to now be a part of the Women in Remanufacturing Network where diversity, equity and inclusion are celebrated. 


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