Core return times have a direct effect on customer satisfaction in the service drive. Auto dealer service departments can cut this time by maintaining efficiency, and eliminate backorders that can cause inconvenient delays.

The return of core parts to the manufacturer lowers the cost of the auto parts and related auto repairs. The core return process starts with the core charge which is invoiced to customers. At that point dealers are initiating an agreement with their customer to provide excellent service and are agreeing to follow through with their set core return policies. The minute a core part is in the hands of the dealer for remanufacturing and service, the core part should be swiftly returned to the remanufacturing service center. Once the remanufacturing service center receives the core, they can fulfill the order with a quick turnaround time.

Cutting Core Return Times at Service Centers Can Help Eliminate OEM Backorders

In order for a remanufacturing service center to return parts back on the market and fulfill demand with a fast turnaround, dealers must cut down their core return times, especially for parts in high demand. Standard core return time is roughly 10.5 days, but let’s say a viable core is sitting on a dealer’s shelf for 20 plus days, that extra 20 days hinders a customer’s order from getting filled. Speeding up core returns is a great way to ensure you are providing a high quality customer service. A service center has a responsibility of maintaining inventory (unless unavailable at the supplier/ OEM level) to meet demands. You can help the process become faster by shaving off days from your core return times.

Don’t Lose Customers Over Inefficiencies: Cut Core Return Times

At the end of the day, service centers need to provide excellent customer service in order to ensure their customers are happy, and nobody wants to lose a customer over inefficiencies. If service centers want to help eliminate OEM backorders and unhappy customers, they need to cut their core return times down to at most the standard core return time of 10.5 days. The faster a core is returned for remanufacturing, the faster another order can be filled.


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