If you’re a Parts or Service professional at an automotive dealership, your career is off to a great start. What happens next depends on your career goals, and the skills you can start to cultivate to grow to the next level.

Parts Counter Career Path

The typical career path of Parts and Service leadership moves through positions like Delivery Driver, Shipping and Receiving, Counter Person, Inventory Control and Outside Sales. As a Management role comes into focus, so do a greater salary and more responsibility. How do Parts and Service professionals navigate this long road to the top?

Cultivating Skills for a Better Position in the Parts Department

Working on the right skills to move forward in your career involves both hard skills (meaning, the actual skills it takes to do a great job), as well as soft skills (like communication, and customer service). Make yourself a valuable asset to the dealership by working on mastering inventory, paying attention to profitability, and cultivating the personal qualities that help you stand out.


Get Noticed: A Career Guide for Parts Professionals