On March 31, 2023, General Motors announced that they plan to start phasing out Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and will now be focusing on their own system built with Google technology.

According to Reuters, GM is planning to take away the ability for consumers to override the cars' built-in system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and will be replacing it with technology partnered with Google. Apple and Google have been in a race for space in car technology for years, and now GM is transitioning from Apple and Android to Google in their electric vehicles. What is the reasoning for this and what will things look like moving forward?

What was reasoning behind this decision?

"GM's decision to stop offering those systems in future electric vehicles, starting with the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer, could help the automaker capture more data on how consumers drive and charge EVs" (Reuters). However, GM directors explain they are creating a more tightly-aligned infotainment system because they are working on more driver-assistance software that they want to be available to everyone, not just those with a cell phone on them. The ultimate goal, though, is to eventually use the platform to offer subscription services.

Will this cause any legal issues?

Congress passed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in 1998, which protects online service providers from copyright infringement. According to the U.S Copyright Office, this law put in place a "notice-and-takedown system, which allows copyright owners to inform online service providers about infringing material so it can be taken down." Will GM and Google's technology be different enough from other platforms to not have any copyright issues?

Will gas-powered cars be affected or only EVs?

Although GM is discontinuing Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in their new EVs, they will still allow the features in their gas-powered vehicles, and any previous vehicles that were already made with them. However, GM has stated that they want to stop producing gas-powered cars altogether by 2035, and shift their focus to fully electric vehicles (Business Insider). This seems to be the trend that many automakers are following and looks to be the future. 

How do you feel about GM's choice to transition away from Apple and Android and move towards Google? Do you think this will be a successful move?


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