When Hurricane Harvey ripped through Texas, it left devastation in its wake. From partly submerged homes and businesses to lost possessions, even death and injury, the storm caused an incredible amount of destruction. As the New York Times described:

“Flooding and rain, topping 47 inches in some areas, pounded 50 counties in southeast and lower central Texas with a combined population of roughly 11 million people. The area includes more than 300 towns and smaller cities that felt the storm’s punishing force.”

Thanks to efforts from first responders, FEMA, caring neighbors, non-profit organizations, and private donors, recovery is now underway. Part of the destruction that may not be as obvious as a home with water up to the rafters is submerged automobiles that may now need repairs and replacements for clusters and radios.

As a small demonstration of support, AER has announced relief pricing for dealerships affected by Hurricane Harvey. Visit our Hurricane Harvey Relief Pricing page for more detail on how we aim to help affected dealerships, or, if you’re an affected dealer in need of relief pricing on remanufacturing for radio and cluster components, please get in touch with your dedicated representative, David Samulde, at 714-446-6040.