The right electronics remanufacturing partner goes beyond providing off-the-shelf services or cookie-cutter solutions. Rather, they understand the intricacies of your organization and its products to help craft a custom program that maximizes your resources while ensuring the highest level of quality for your customers.

A commitment to quality is part of our foundation here at AER Technologies. Fueling innovation through preservation is our motto; we stand by it firmly and passionately. Our clients know that when they choose AER as their true MSP, we will not only take on the entire design and implementation of their PLM program, but we will go beyond to ensure exceptional results. When your product goes through an AER-designed and -implemented electronics remanufacturing program, the product consumers receive will be on part or better than new.

That confidence in our quality is backed up by attention to detail from start to finish, from core seeding through testing. Whether you need light and play testing, or highly specified, with every part that leaves your facility fully tested and verified -- or anything in between -- we have the flexibility and expertise to deliver the right custom solution.  We will ensure the highest level of quality while maximizing your resources.

Expanded Equipment Testing Capabilities

Your products, your company and your customers deserve the highest level of quality. When you deliver product to a vendor and ask for it to be tested, are you absolutely certain that a vendor is meeting that standard? At AER, we have the capabilities to work with your team and develop a custom testing platform that meets your needs precisely.

Equipment testing is a key component to the process of sustainable manufacturing. Especially in the case of a large automaker, or electronics OEM, high-volume demand for component reman can necessitate an increased focus on equipment, testing and cost throughout the product life cycle. High-volume, end of line test equipment can be extremely expensive, so proper management and planning is important for maintaining the quality-cost balance in electronics remanufacturing.

As previously mentioned, flexibility in testing is essential to meet not only your specific organizational needs, but the precise needs of your product and customers. From light and play testing to highly customized testing, AER can deliver precisely the testing solution to meet your needs. Our team is comprised of leading experts with access to the most cutting-edge technology. This industry-leading access can save your organization a significant amount of time while reducing costs of manual testing. For example, our vision tester simulates hundreds commands in a matter of seconds. These results cannot be replicated by human testers. Ultimately, this means higher quality product for your customers.

Maximize Resources Throughout the Product Life Cycle

As the product life cycle progresses, it becomes important to scale back on functional tests for components, and begin to sort through the cores to determine which equipment is eligible for recertification and which will require full repair. This can be achieved by working with a remanufacturer that maintains a historical database for component failure and awareness of what parts will be necessary to sustain the program and keep it profitable.

At AER Technologies, we have a strong understanding of product demand and the overall electronics life cycle, with enterprise resource planning software (ERP) systems that meticulously record all past work allowing for a strong cache of data to be utilized for future decision making. We have the expertise, technology and exceptional level of quality needed to deliver precisely what you need, when you need it.


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