Since the start of the pandemic, a lot has changed in the automotive industry- especially for dealers. We asked Jeremy Abshire from Courtesy Buick GMC Lafayette, Louisiana, a few questions about current life in the parts department.

It's no doubt that the Covid-19 disruptions that started in 2020 had a large effect on microchips and other production shortages, but the delays are still present today. When asked about acquiring parts, Jeremy Abshire from Courtesy Buick GMC Lafayette, Louisiana, said that delivery times "used to be about 5-7 business days and now, even with local warehouses, [he tells] most customers it'll be around 7-10 business days." However, despite the current delays, he believes that these production and carrier concerns will only improve as time goes on. 

Abshire added that while life is good in the parts department, sometimes it is frustrating to not have enough parts when they are needed by customers, and "it is difficult to not have an estimated time frame for back-ordered parts." GM does not offer time estimations so the parts "get there when they get there" and there is usually not much more information able to be provided to inquirers- something that many dealers can relate to. 

Despite the challenges, though, Abshire and his team stay light-hearted and have a great time together. He says they all love to tease each other throughout the day to keep things entertaining and blow off steam. They will often kid each other, and those they are close with, and have a blast while doing it. He and his crew are a hardworking bunch, and they know how to maintain the perfect balance between pleasing customers and sharing a laugh.

AER is very grateful to work with Abshire and his team and we are very excited to stay close as we head into 2023!