Self-awareness is essential for businesses of any size. Especially in the case of established enterprise level businesses, assessment of what the company stands for and how it communicates its core values is important.

Employees, executives, customers, vendors, partners and anyone who interacts with the enterprise notice when the company’s way of doing business aligns with a core set of principles. This type of authenticity and transparency is essential in today’s fast-moving business world. AER is committed to improving the experiences of our customers and partners by refocusing on what’s most important - customer service.


Heroic Customer Service

AER recently took a look at our own core values, and we’re excited to share our refreshed perspective. For four decades, AER has provided premier electrical component lifecycle support and extension services to the global Tier 1 automotive market, including OEMs, dealers and dealer networks. We are still going strong with our original mission, but we are refocusing on the most important aspect of our business - providing heroic customer service. Our redesigned and rebuilt website makes it easier than ever before to find solutions and engage with thought leadership on a variety of automotive and electrical component related topics. We are committed to helping each and every one of AER’s customers succeed.


Consider It Done

With outstanding engineering expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and excellent logistics capabilities, AER partners with some of the world’s most prestigious automotive names, who by entrusting us with their business, entrust us with their brands and their very reputations. Our product is quite literally the product of our customer, and our success is defined in terms of theirs. With AER, our scalability, infrastructure and heroic customer service mean our customers can Consider It Done. We have refocused our entire company around that important mission.


Explore Our New Website

As AER took on a year-long process of self-reflection, the work revealed a need for a complete rebrand and relaunch of our website. We are pleased to launch our brand new site, complete with better, more intuitive ways to find information and solve problems. We are also building a detailed library of content that showcases our over 40 years of experience in automotive electronics remanufacturing, distilling decades of knowledge into useful content for our customers and subscribers.


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