As the acceptance of autonomous vehicles is ignited, consumers will start to have an entirely different experience of transportation. Consumers may want a completely automated experience, from navigation to entertainment and safety, and the OEM industry will need to be able to keep up with not only the technology, but also the impacts on brand. Automotive manufacturers and the OEM industry must engage in a new pathway of branding and marketing strategy to address the changing desires of the end consumer - the passenger inside the autonomous vehicle.


Consumer Trust and Autonomous Vehicles

Despite the notion that autonomous vehicles will reduce the amount of accidents on roadways and personal mobility will be revolutionized, consumers for the most part do not trust self driving vehicles. Although younger consumers are more comfortable with advancing technologies, skepticism by consumers of all ages is a great challenge the OEM and automotive industries must face and succeed in overcoming as they develop their overall branding strategy to launch their new and amazing autonomous vehicle technologies to the US Market.

Trust is key in any relationship between a brands and their customers. Auto brands have spent their entire legacy up to now producing vehicles their customers trust. Today, auto brands (and by proxy, OEM brands) are recognized for their vehicle and electronics performance, quality, style, safety standards, trustworthiness and reliability, value, capabilities, and design. By eliminating the act of driving you eliminate everything a customer trusts in that vehicle. How can a customer, who has been in control of their vehicle for their entire lifetime, just give up their control?

Customers will not give up their control of their vessel easily which is why every auto brand must be on their absolute A-game when developing and releasing their branding strategy of autonomous vehicle technologies. They must make drivers and passengers trust in their autonomous vehicle so much, that the customer will let go of the control they experienced while driving a vehicle they have known their entire life.


Gaining Trust Through Effective Marketing and Branding in the
Era of Self-Driving Cars

Only the brilliant in marketing will succeed in creating a new found trust in one’s auto brand. The overall experience and purpose of each brand’s vehicle will need to be re-imagined in order for customers to trust technology so much, that the customer will allow technology to be in control. Technology built in autonomous vehicles will need to be so advanced to see the road at all angles and any potential obstacles, maintain spatial orientation, think, problem solve and be a virtual assistant all at one time. This is a huge responsibility for auto manufacturers to take on and deliver without failure, and the OEMs that support them have to be on board as well.


Technology Delivers Trust for Automakers and OEMs

Strategically speaking, with technology being at the forefront, what trust do technology brands bring to the table as they partner up with auto brands and will that trust be strong enough for the birth of their newest creation - the autonomous vehicle? The convergence of auto brands and technology brands in the pursuit of creating an autonomous vehicle of their own is like merging together to completely different schools of thought. Will the various partnerships between auto brands and technology brands be successful in gaining their joint customers trust?

Again, it will all depend on their branding strategy and how impactful their messaging is on gaining a newfound trust in the new transportation experience.


Branding as a Measure of Gaining Trust for Autonomous Vehicle Manufacturers

Automotive manufacturers and the OEM industry must engage in a new pathway of branding and marketing strategy to address the changing desires of the end consumer - the passenger inside the autonomous vehicle. The entire customer experience will need to change as advanced technology is integrated in. In this era, the automotive industry will be led by technology as opposed to horsepower, cost and performance. Automotive industry brands will need to shift from selling cars to selling technology.That’s why establishing authenticity, purpose, and trust through branding is so crucial.


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